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We human beings are an inquisitive bunch. When we see birds in the sky, we want to fly - so we invent airplanes. We gaze at the stars and wonder what they’re made of - so we design telescopes. We build submarines to explore the depths of the ocean and rockets to delve into the expanse of space. We study things we don’t understand until we do. All our pursuits begin with our passion for discovery and end with one recurring question: what’s next?


TEDxSPJainSydney’s mission is to create an atmosphere where people from diverse communities, cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, interests, and talents can come together to discuss ideas that build upon the fundamental thread that ties humanity together: curiosity.


Join us at TEDxSPJainSydney 2018, themed ‘Unexplored Pathways’, as we take the first of many steps towards sparking engaging conversations that inspire us to seek the unfamiliar, explore the unexplored and discover the unimaginable.

Chris Hall



Eager to know what happened in the event last year? Check out the talks from Unexplored Pathways 2018 which were featured on the TEDx YouTube channel!

Mn'JAM Experiment
Duku Fore
Anna-Grace Millward
Douglas Nicol
Jac Taylor
Vijay Solanki

The 2018 Team


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TEDxSPJainSydney 2018